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  Who Should Attend?

The RoboBusiness Conference and Exposition event is specifically designed for a wide variety, yet highly interrelated, collection of individuals from business, academia and government who have a vested interest in supporting the intelligent, mobile robotics market.
Global 2000 Businesses
Innumerable vertical market segments evaluating the potential for:
- Developing new products and services incorporating intelligent, mobile systems technology,
- Integrating emerging robotic technology into existing product lines,
- Evaluating the use of robotic technology to gain competitive advantage.
Retailers, Resellers, OEMs, Distributors and Manufacturers
Retailers, resellers, OEMs, distributors and manufacturers seeking alliances with producers of robotic technology for the development and sales of robotic products.
Software and Hardware Developers
The hardware and software development community searching for the next high growth markets, hot opportunities and technical challenges.
Defense and Homeland Security Representatives
Members of the defense and homeland security community seeking new products, partners and technology for ongoing systems development efforts.
Civilian Government Representatives
Representatives from the local, state, national and international level seeking robotic solutions to problems, as well as economic development and partnering opportunities.
Institutional and Individual Investors
Venture capitalists, institutional and individual investors looking for greenfield opportunities in the burgeoning personal, service and mobile robotics market.
Producers Mobile Robotics and Intelligent Systems Products

Producers of personal, service and mobile robots and robotics technology seeking:

-  World-wide branding, marketing and sales leads

-  A platform to launch intelligent robotic as a whole

-  Technical information regarding the latest advances and new products, and

-  Development, manufacturing and marketing alliances, as well as reseller partnerships.

Researchers and Academics
Researcher and academics seeking channels, partnerships and advice for productizing their robotics developments, along with networking with industry insiders
Media Representatives
National and international online, print and film based media professionals looking to serve their customers with the latest information about emerging business, technology and consumer markets.


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