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RoboBusiness Advisory Board

Dan Kara
Co-Chairman, RoboBusiness Conference and Exposition,
President, Robotics Trends

Helen Greiner
Co-founder and Chairman,

Bill Thomasmeyer
Robotics Foundry

Neena Buck
Co-Chairman, RoboBusiness Conference and Exposition,
VP, Emerging Frontiers,
Strategy Analytics

Matt Mason
Director, Robotics Institute,
Carnegie Mellon University

Eliot Weinman
Co-Founder and CEO,

George A. Bekey
Emeritus Professor of Computer Science,
University of Southern California

Paolo Pirjanian
Chief Scientist,
Evolution Robotics

Walter Weisel
Chairman & CEO,
Robotic Workspace Technologies

Jayne Adair
Director, Robot Hall of Fame, Carnegie Mellon University

Richard Soley
Chairman and CEO,
Object Management Group

Junku Yuh
Program Director, Robotics,
National Science Foundation

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