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What robotics applications are available to help me with my business?

How can I add robotics functionality to my existing products and services?

Advances in robotics technology in the form of software, sensors, microprocessors, micromechanics and microelectronics, coupled with the economics of volume production, now make it possible to develop wholly new, low-cost, highly functional robotic products, robotically enhance existing product lines and automate complex tasks formally handled by humans. As a result, a rapidly increasing number of new robotic applications are being developed to meet critical needs in many areas such as medical care, the environment and defense. Track Sponsor

 For business managers, advanced robotics functionality offers another avenue to driving down costs and increasing productivity. Additional areas where emerging robotics technologies can be applied to reduce costs, optimize performance and generate revenue are limited only by the imagination. As such, the upside potential for robotics manufacturers, OEMs, resellers and others involved in the personal, service and mobile robotics value chain is nearly boundless.

The RoboBusiness Applications and Products Track is designed for management level attendees who want to learn how mobile robotics applications and products can be employed to develop entirely new markets and product categories, open additional lines of business, enhance existing product lines and increase business productivity.

  • Product Availability and Distribution Opportunities;

  • Products and Services for the Consumer, Commercial Civil and Government Markets;

  • Robotics Suppliers and Manufacturers;

  • IT and RT: Integrating Information Technology With Robot Technology;

  • The Commercial Applications of Mobile Robotics Technology;

  • Understanding and Exploiting Robots and Mobile Sensor Networks;

  • Assessing Your Company’s Need for Mobile Robotics Solutions. 



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