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What robotic technology and products currently exist in the open marketplace?

How can solutions available today be applied to different problem sets?

Although the robotics technology employed in the various types of commercial, consumer and military robotics systems can differ radically from each other, they often share core technology such as advanced software, sensors, microprocessors, micromechanics and microelectronics. That is, enabling technology suitable for one particular class of products can be applied across a wide variety of additional mobile robotic and intelligent systems products. In a similar manner, a single robotic product or technology can be used, often with just a simple modification, to serve a number uses. Track Sponsor

Sessions in the Technology and Products Track focuses on those platforms, products and technology that can be employed for multiple robotic solution sets including:

  • Micro and Nano-scale Electromechanical Systems (MEMS, NEMS);

  • Advanced materials;

  • Mobile Robot Architectures;

  • Navigation and Control Solutions;

  • Sensors and Sensor-Based Systems;

  • Power Systems;

  • Overview of Robotics Technology Solution Providers;

  • Robot Kits and Development Platforms;

  • COTS Robotics;

  • Motors and Motor Controllers;

  • Motion Controllers, Servos and Stepper Drives;

  • Open Source Software, Operating Systems and Standards;

  • Computer Vision and Mapping Products; and

  • Human-Machine Interfaces.



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