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In what industries and vertical market segments are robotics being employed?

 What are the opportunities in these areas going forward?

The emergence and dramatic growth of the personal, service and mobile robotics markets offers opportunities in the consumer, education, academic, business and government markets alike, across numerous vertical market segments. The various vertical market segments differ in the amount of funding and purchasing that is directed toward them at this time, and how dollars will flow in and out of them in the future, as the technology and markets develop. Sessions in the Markets and Industries Track will cover how robots and robotic technology are being employed today and what opportunities exist in four of the hottest vertical market segments for robotics:
  • Security and Defense
    • Military Robotics;
    • Law Enforcement and Public Safety Robotics;
  • Intelligent Transportation and Field Robotics;
    • Teleoperation;
    • Autonomous Transportation;
    • Warehousing;
  • Healthcare Robotics
    • Hospital Automation;
    • Assistive Technology;
    • Rehabilitation Technology;
    • Telepresence Systems;
  • Consumer Robotics;
    • Intelligent Toys;
    • Entertainment Robots;
    • House Care / Lawn Care;
    • Assistive Technology Educational Robotics.




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