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In May 2004, Robotics Trends ran the first event focused on the business and technical issues related to the development of the personal, service and mobile robotics industry. That event, the RoboBusiness Conference and Exposition, broke new ground and announced to the world that the new mobile robotics and intelligent systems industry had ‘arrived’.

The intelligent, mobile robotics market has changed dramatically since the inaugural RoboBusiness event. Today, robotics and robotic technology are serving man in innumerable ways, from performing critical duties such as searching for IEDs in Iraq, mapping mines, providing perimeter security and performing surgery, to more homespun tasks such as vacuuming our living rooms, mowing our lawns and teaching our children. Robotics companies have gone public and robotics products have sold in the millions.

Today’s robotic systems are better integrated with vision systems, force sensing feedback, speech recognition, and advanced mechanics. They are also more adaptable and applicable to new applications in virtually all vertical market segments.

Tomorrow will bring greater autonomy, more intelligence, collaboration among groups of devices and other advanced functionality now just emerging from universities and research centers. These advances will make it possible to apply robotics technology across an ever-increasing range of consumer, commercial, civil and security related applications.

Robotics Trends’ RoboBusiness Conference and Exposition is the only industry event dedicated to the issue of applying emerging mobile robotics and intelligent systems technology to develop entirely new products and markets, as well as enhance existing solutions and services. The event also addresses sales, marketing and partnering strategies. The RoboBusiness Conference and Exposition enables business decision makers to easily grasp the potential opportunities arising from emerging robotics technologies. The conference brings emerging robotics technology out of the lab and into the open market, focusing on the business side of the mobile robotics business.


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