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RoboBusiness 2005

Honeywell Special Luncheon Keynote

On Wednesday, June 21, 2006, join host Honeywell for a special luncheon keynote presentation open to RoboBusiness full conference attendees.

Autonomous Vehicle Innovation at Honeywell 
- Frederic Ramioulle -

Vice-President, Business Innovation Center
Honeywell Aerospace

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n this luncheon keynote session, Frederic Ramioulle, Vice-President, Business Innovation Center at Honeywell Aerospace will describe the ways in which Honeywell is exploring some of the key issues in bringing autonomous vehicles to a broader set of markets than are possible today. These include various approaches to navigation in GPS denied environments, increasingly sophisticated obstacle recognition and avoidance capabilities, robust communications technologies and the continued importance of real-time reliable integration and simple user interfaces.


For more information in Honeywell Robotics initiatives, please see the following:


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