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Robot Hall of Fame Induction Ceremony

As part of the RoboBusiness Conference and Exposition, Carnegie Mellon University’s Robot Hall of Fame will hold its 2006 induction ceremony on the evening of Wednesday, June 21, 2006.  The Robot Hall of Fame honor the world’s greatest achievements in industrial and entertainment robots, as well as robots from science fiction. The formal Robot Hall of Fame induction ceremony will follow a cocktail reception sponsored by the Robot Hall of Fame and Carnegie Mellon University.  Admittance to both the cocktail reception and the Robot Hall of Fame induction ceremony is open to RoboBusiness attendees at no charge.

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Past inductees to the Robot Hall of Fame include some of the most significant and well known robots in the world including Honda’s Asimo, NASA’s Mars Pathfinder and Unimate, the first industrial robot arm that worked on the assembly line. The Robot Hall of Fame jurors are an equally distinguished collection of international scholars, researchers, writers, and designers including Gordon Bell, Arthur C. Clarke, Steve Wozniak, Rodney Brooks and others.


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